TroKar JWill SwimJig

Buckeye Lures and Elite Series pro Jason Williamson have just introduced the new Buckeye JWill Swim jig. The newly designed jig comes with a Lazer Trokar TK100 hook for better hook ups, and the specially designed horizontal line tie allows the jig to run truer and come through cover effectively. It has a tapered head with more weight towards the rear of the head to provide better balance and the ability to have multiple trailers. The skirt colors were specially matched to Jason’s specs as well, and the light weight weedguard is color matched to the jig.

“I am very excited about this jig and have found it to be superior when it comes to bite-to-hook-up ratios,” Williamson said. “I have used just about everything from a Zoom spinnerbait trailer to a Zoom Fluke and Reaction Innovations Skinny Dipper as a trailer and this jig really runs true with all of them. If they take a swipe at it, they are caught. That Trokar hook combined with a horizontal line tie are the difference makers.”

Check out the Buckeye Lures website.

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