Team TroKar Captain Kenneth Ramsier


It was a slow 1st of November day at the office and three of us were talking fishing in the shop area.   Nick and J.R. were talking smack about beating the old man in a tournament earlier in the summer.  I told them that if they thought they could repeat I had my boat hooked up and was heading out 1 more time to the Lake before putting the boat away. They were invited to a little Battle of Lake Erie Tournament.  The water temp was still in the low 50’s and the air temperature was in the 60’s, which was very unusual for the first of November in Erie PA.  After some prodding it was Game On!!!

I left work an hour before the two of them because if it was going to be two against one I should get a head start.  I started in the Bay put after 1 hour and no fish I headed out East towards New York.  The lake was a little rough for my 17 foot Triton but the chance to redeem myself from the earlier loss pushed me on.  After a 7 mile run I found fish in 35 foot of water.  I lost two and broke 1 off before landing a 3 lber.  We only had about three hours before dark so I had to catch fish fast.  I knew it would be gutsy but since I never had another hit for the next hour I decided to go another 5 miles to a spot almost in New York.  When I got there I was marking fish everywhere.  The first Drop with my Dropshot came back with a 4lb small-mouth.  It was Game On for sure.  Just like that the wind changed from the south east to the north east and the temperature dropped 15 degrees.  The bite stopped the fish disappeared and the waves went from two footers to four’s and five’s.  I decided to head back to the protection in the bay.

When I got to my first spot I found J.R. and Nick camped there.  They already had 1 fish in the box and I knew I needed to finish my limit.  J.R.’s boat is a 21 foot Pro Craft and a little better suited for the lake so I knew they were staying.  I got back to the channel leading to the Bay and decided to hit some of my summer deep spots and see if I couldn’t catch 2 more 15” fish to finish my limit.  Lake Erie in Pa has a 4 fish 15” limit.  I caught a 17 inch large-mouth on my first drop on my first spot.  I followed that up with a 15” BARELY legal large mouth on my last spot to finish my limit.

I got back to the ramp just in time the waves in the bay were now 3 footers.  I was getting a little worried because the boys didn’t get back until almost dark.  They were a little wet and cold, especially Nick he didn’t have a rain suit or a windshield to protect him.  J.R. and Nick finished with 3 smallmouth and a little over 8 lbs and I had a 4 fish mixed bag of almost 12 lbs.  I guess that makes me The Battle of Lake Erie Champion of 2011.  See ya next November boys!!!!!!

If Im Smillin I must be Fishin!!!!!!

I don’t Fish!! I Catch!!

But I still go Hunting!!


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