Team TroKar Captain Adam Harris

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was on a Friday, last March. I left work early because the weather was so nice outside. I didn’t have much going on, so I called a local private pond owner and asked him if I could come fish for a while, and he said sure, come on. Soon as I pulled up and got out, his little rat dog came out barking and nipping at my pants leg. So I thought…great, now I have to put up with this thing the whole time I’m here. I fished for a little while around the banks, and had caught some fish, but nothing with any size to it. So, I decided to put on a Carolina rig with a zoom trick worm (pumpkin seed) just to change it up a bit and fish out a little deeper. Maybe three casts after changing up, here comes the little rat dog, but this time he just sat down beside me and watched. On the next cast, I threw the Carolina rig out there but as my luck has it, I backlashed my quantum reel. So here I am picking out a backlash, meantime, the dog is getting tangled up in my line…I’m getting ill, saying words I shouldn’t be saying, getting ready to cut the line and go home. Well I finally got the backlash out and untangled the dog and then it happened…I saw my line tightening up, so I jerked! I honestly thought I was hung on a stump or something, because when I set the hook, she didn’t move at all. Okay, here I am fighting the biggest fish I’ve ever hooked into, so I’m a nervous wreck. Mashing the button and letting the fish take some line, trying to wear it out and then the dog starts barking and jumping up and down. I then get the fish up to the bank and the crazy dog dives in on top of it! So here I am, trying to get the dog out of the water and land the fish all at the same time. Finally, I got the dog away and reached down and got my hands on the big largemouth. I can honestly say, I’ll never forget that day as long as I live.

The picture was taken in front of the pond owners building and then released back into the water.


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