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Introducing the TroKar Treble


Pros have long customized their crankbaits. Changing the size of the bill. Getting creative with paint. And always switching out stock treble hooks for sharper ones.
But once they see these new TroKar Trebles, they’ll be switching out all those hooks again.

The new, surgically sharpened TroKar Treble is, quite simply, the strongest, sharpest, baddest treble hook ever made. And with it, you statistically increase your chance of burying hooks into heads. (Getting them into the boat is still your job.)

Crankbaits are challenging. They present a fast moving target that bass will often just ram like they do baitfish ⎯ to mess them up. Without an aggressive bite, you need every edge you can get to turn hits into hook-ups.

Which is what that scary array of uber-sharpened TroKar hook points is designed for.

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