In saltwater, it’s the new hook of choice. Designed and forged in the heart of America, TroKar is the first surgically sharpened hook in the world, giving you faster, deeper, surer penetration with every strike. Whether you’re fishing blue water, in-shore, at sea or on the flats, TroKar’s surgically sharpened technology and species-specific design add a whole new level of performance to the art of big game fishing. When fish hit, hit back hard with TroKar. Now Available!

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The constantly expanding range of TroKar saltwater hooks will now include the most popular inshore styles and sizes, along with these exciting new offshore offerings. The TroKar saltwater lineup of hooks has seen a wild increase in popularity as today’s serious saltwater anglers experience the improved performance that TroKar is able to deliver. Continue reading

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The three-sided hook point that penetrates twice as fast as other point shapes, allowing for dramatically increased hook-up ratios. The three facets of the TroKar point are precisely and symmetrically ground for consistent performance, using the radically new Surgically Sharpened Technology (SST). No other hook in the world is made like this. It results in a strong point that is twice as sharp as any hook on the market, and penetrates with half the effort.

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TroKar continues to be the weapon of choice for top bass pros. Which is probably no surprise, since that’s who helped design our hooks from the start. From input on wire diameter, gap widths, hook size, and getting TroKar’s B.A.R.B. bait retention system on more models of hooks, to helping us utilize TroKar’s industry-first ability to apply technique-specific grinds on different hooks, our pros have helped us expand the TroKar line, and improve the sport for everyone who wants to compete ⎯ even if it’s just outfishing that other guy in the boat with you.

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